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It’s everywhere you look, business, industry and government, families and their lives, people and objects, assets and investments, all of these things need to be insured. 


Without it, there is no certainty, no safeguard in life without it there is no promise for the future. It's the business of insurance and it's what we do.


As independent insurance agents, we've always been there for our clients, safeguarding and protecting their dreams and aspirations, helping our clients build for the future with confidence and security, and when challenges come, as challenges always do, disrupting lives businesses and communities, making future's uncertain, we've always been there for our clients helping each and every one rebuild their lives for a better future and to safeguard and protect what matters most for those we serve.


Dave Millet has been in the business of insurance since 1958 and our clients have always been able to rely on Dave Millet to deliver insurance products through a vast array of insurance carriers that provided comprehensive coverage, often at significant savings making it easier for our clients to fine new sources of growth and profitability.

Just like you are always been there for your family and employees delivering on the promises you’ve made by helping them power through to a better future,  Dave Millet has lead the way by building a team of agents who care deeply about our customers and hold ourselves to standards that others aspire to follow.


If there is one thing that history is taught us, it's the people of Dave Millet Insurance Agency that make our agency special and our commitment to help safeguard and protect what matters most that drives everything that we do, the business insurance, welcome to the future of the business of insurance, welcome to Dave Millet Insurance Agency.

Dave Millet Insurance Agency
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